Snorkelling with Mobulas

The Princess Alice Bank is one of the few places on earth where you can snorkel with Mobulas. The animals swim at the water surface and already welcome the boats on arrival. With up to four meters wing-span these giants float among the snorkelers – a veritably grand feeling! With sighting distances up to 50 meters and 100 kilometres away from the coast it is a privilege to get such an insight into Neptune’s kingdom. Often huge shoals are spotted: barracudas, bonitos, wahoos, greater amberjacks, triggerfishes and many more. Rarely can be seen swordfish, sea devils, whale sharks and manta rays. However, we can assure you that until now we never experienced an excursion to Princess Alice Bank without Mobulas!

Watch the video with divers and snorkellers and get inspired!


The day before the excursion there will be an introductory briefing and the boats are loaded. Usually the departure is scheduled for 06 am in the morning. On board of the catamaran “Reefcat” you have enough comfort to spend the day at the sea. The tour to Princess Alice is a real adventure and takes about three hours. On the way the boat is often spotted and accompanied by marine mammals. Once you arrive at Princess Alice the security ropes and the current ropes are set. The Mobulas directly approach the water surface and swim around the snorkelers – a unique experience, also for free divers! After approximately four hours with the Mobulas you return to Madalena. On your way back you might notice that you have been recompensed with a fantastic experience in the nature. It is not without case that Princess Alice Bank belongs to one of the ten best places in the world for animal observations under water.





July to Mid-October


Snorkeling with mobulas Rate Per
1 Excursion for snorkeling with mobulas € 150,- Per person / Per excursion

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Photographer credits: Joe Bunnie, Dr. Ronald Doepner, Bettina Kelm, Michael Weberberger and Nuno Sá.