Whale and dolphin watching

Being able to watch whales and dolphins at close range is a dream for a lot of people which turns into reality at Pico. Nearly nowhere else in the world it is possible to see so many different kind of whales and dolphins during one season. The whale which is spotted most is the sperm whale. Thus we also try to spot “Moby Dick” daily.


The waters around Pico are one of the best in the world to observe whales and dolphins in the wilderness. We are proud to announce that the success rate of sightings at the excursions is at 99 percent. There are two reasons for this success: We use an old technique of the whalers who already worked with the so called “vigias” in the penultimate century. Those vigias are spotters on land who observe the ocean with binoculars to find whales. The information in which specific region the animals are currently located is spread to the boats via radio or mobile phone. However, the most important precondition is created by nature itself with the variety of whales and dolphins that find nutrition around Pico which is why we can meet them here so numerously.

Scuba Azores Whale Watching

Scuba Azores Whale Watching

At the Azores there are listed more than 25 different species of whales and dolphins. Year-around four kinds of dolphins scrimmage in the waters. Bottlenose dolphins, orcas, short-beaked common dolphins and striped dolphins serve themselves at the “buffet” that nature has to offer. In Mid-June huge schools of stenellas join the water around Pico. Here the animals give birth and often emerge in groups of up to 1,000 individuals. Together with other dolphins, Cory’s shearwaters, bonitos and sword fish they hunt for scads and sardines.

Scuba Azores Whale Watching

Scuba Azores Whale Watching


An excursion takes about three hours. In the early morning the vigia reports the sightings and guides the boats to the spots. The boats only leave the harbour when a sighting has been registered. Before each tour our well-trained guides hold a briefing. Afterwards the life jackets are distributed and you go aboard.


  • December to May: baleen whales, sperm whales, dolphins
  • June to October: sperm whales, long-finned pilot whales, beaked whales, dolphins, sometimes baleen whales
  • September to October: sperm whales, long-finned pilot whales, dolphins, often baleen whales, false killer whales


Whale and dolphin watching Rate Per
1 Excursion for whale and dolphin watching € 65,- Per person / Per excursion
6 Excursions for whale and dolphin watching € 360,- Per person / 6 Excursions

Please find a summary of all rates for nature observing programs here.

Contact and Bookings

If you wish to book a programme or require more details, please feel free to contact us here. The team of Pico Sport/Scuba Azores will be happy to assist you.


Scuba Azores/Pico Sport is recommended by the Dolphin Watch Alliance and the Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delphine (association for the rescue of dolphins).

Photographer credits: Joe Bunni, Rainer Fackel, Leonie Mahlke, Leonildo Leal, Frank Wirth, Bettina Kelm and Ben Schilling.