Shark watching

During the excursion for shark watching we give you an understanding of the real life of sharks and their role in the ecosystem. You mostly observe blue sharks, from time to time mako sharks and rarely hammerhead sharks. At the Azores the blue sharks emerge up to the water surface. Often you can spot their triangular dorsal fin from far away as it cuts through the water. We use special techniques to attract the animals so that they approach the boat as close as possible. Get to know the predators of the sea and observe those wonderful animals directly from the boat! Nowhere else in the world it is possible to watch blue sharks and mako sharks so closely with grand sighting distances.


The excursion for shark watching takes around six hours, the drive to the sighting area takes approximately one to two hours. On the way to Condor Bank the boat is often accompanied by different kinds of dolphins and whales. Furthermore you can spot ocean turtles, Portuguese man o’ wars and various sea birds. The excursions only take place when the weather is clear, the sighting is excellent and when there is no wind.


July to mid-October


We do not feed the animals during our excursions. It is a biological expeditions to understand the shark’s life and to observe it close-by. It is forbidden to touch the animals or to feed them. Our goal is to explain and observe the nature and to give an understanding of the marine habitat.


Shark watching Rate Per
1 Excursion for shark watching € 100,- Per person / Per excursion

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Photographer credits: Joe Bunni, Rainer Fackel, Leonie Mahlke, Leonildo Leal, Frank Wirth, Bettina Kelm and Ben Schilling.