In search of Moby Dick

Sperm whales give birth to their offspring between the protected islands of the archipelago. Mothers and calves spend their whole life in the Mid-Atlantic whereas the sexually mature bulls start their long migration to the northern oceans. They occasionally drop by for reproduction before disappearing for another five years. This is why there are mostly spotted mothers and calves around Pico. Nowhere else in the world you can observe sperm whales better than here. However, a lot of other rare kinds of whales can be spotted at the Azores as well. Besides long-finned pilot whales, orcas and false killer whales it is the family of the beaked whales which give pleasure to nature lovers on days with a calm sea. They are often accompanied by dolphins.


June to September

Rates include

  • 7 overnights in a double room in Guesthouse Golphino (single rooms and alternative accommodation on request)
  • Transfers from/to Pico airport or ferry port
  • 6 excursions for whale and dolphin watching


In search of Moby Dick Rate Per
In search of Moby Dick € 495,- Per person

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Contact and Bookings

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Photographer credits: Joe Bunnie, Dr. Ronald Doepner and Nuno Sá.