Princess Alice Bank

The Princess Alice Bank is a submerged seamount in the Atlantic Ocean which rises from a depth of approximately 2,500 meters. It was discovered during an expedition of Prince Albert of Monaco on July 9 in 1896 and named after his daughter. Since then the place has been known as to fishermen a rich fishing ground. Deep-sea currents are colliding here, bringing tremendous upwelling to the ocean surface which in turn creates a thriving environment for marine mammals, big fish and shoal.

Mobulas can be found in groups from two to 50 animals and often curiously approach the divers up close. Pelagic fish such as barracudas, wahoos, bonitos, triggerfish as well as swordfish, stingrays and sea devils are common sightings in this area as well. Very rarely you can observe whale sharks and mantas.

Today the bank is famous as one of the best diving spots in the world. The video from 14.07.2013 explains why.

"Dive at the number one dive site in the Atlantic, the meeting point of Mobulas!"





A detailed briefing with your guide is scheduled the day before departure to become familiar with the safety procedures. Departure from the marina will be around 7 am, your return is expected around 6 pm. On board hot beverage and a small breakfast will be served. The early start ensures that the group will be one of the first to arrive at the diving spot and is able to dive unhurriedly. Once we arrive at Princess Alice the buoys are set. Afterwards you plunge by using ropes. Depending on tides the currents can be very strong which is why disciplined diving is a precondition. Often the dives are conducted on ropes without exception. However, this won’t limit the observation because you have a front-row seat and the animals often come directly to the rope. Two dives are scheduled at Princess Alice. The Mobulas swim around in close vicinity of the place where the boat is anchored and they often curiously approach the divers. From time to time they even come up right to the surface which makes snorkelling with Mobulas a sometimes even better experience if you choose not to dive. The time between the dives will be spent on board for lunch and relaxation.




July to September

The visibility during this period is amazing, ranging from 30 to 50 metres. The other months are not recommended as the water contains too much plankton which results in murky water. Due to its geographical position diving at Princess Alice is strongly dependent on weather and sea conditions and it’s not easy to get there. Because of the short season and the few days which allow us to drive to Princess Alice Bank, the infrastructure of the diving boats is not yet developed adequately. The boat ride can be quite challenging and takes approximately two and a half to three hours each way. However, once you arrive at the bank you will be fairly rewarded. There are only a few places on earth where Neptune allows such deep insights into his kingdom.



Rates include

  • 2 dives including 2 tanks
  • Snacks, fruits, refreshment
  • Guide


Princess Alice Rate Per
1 dive day at Princess Alice Bank (incl. 2 tanks, full day tour with boat, catering) € 250,- Per person / Per day

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Photographer credits: Joe Bunnie, Nuno Sá, Dr. Erich K. Ritter and many more.