Ocean Awareness Project

Shark Diving – Mobula Diving – Blackwater Diving – Whale Watching – Dolphin Snorkeling

The new Ocean Awareness Project is an initiative of Pico Sport Azores & Wildlife Observations Worldwide. It is a unique programme where you take part in a workshop that is dedicated to the problems of the oceans. You dive with blue sharks, mobulas and the deep-sea creatures at night. You observe whales and snorkel with dolphins. Furthermore, garbage is collected in the ocean and you learn more about the impact of environmental pollution on the sea dwellers as well as on humans, because contaminated oceans concern all of us!

The marine biologist and shark specialist Pascal Gospodinov guides the workshop with the support of young biologists from Portugal’s mainland and the Azores. Pascal has been working for many years with Dr. Erich Ritter and is a “sharkschool kid”.

The 14-days programme takes place where it is most suitable: In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at the top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the meeting point of the animals in the ocean – at the island of Pico.

For many years, the sea around Pico has been renowned for its biodiversity. Here, diving with blue sharks at the Azores has been launched. The initiator of shark diving at Pico, Frank Wirth, is also the initiator of this special programme.

Frank has been working at Pico for more than 20 years and has experienced the changes very close. It is Frank’s utmost concern to contribute to the clarification of the oceans’ problems. A huge achievement for him was the agreement with the local fishing organisation to declare the offshore marine needle “Ilheus” as a conservation area. From 2017 each dive will be charged with one euro which is directly paid to the fishing organisation. In return, the display of fish traps and fishing ceased, so that a splendid reproduction place for coastal fishes can develop. Of course, this attracts predatory fish and by this the circle of biodiversity will be close.

Travel date


Rates include

  • 5 dives around Pico and in the new protected areas Ilheus and Monte da Guia
  • 4 dives with blue sharks
  • 1 diving day at Princess Alice Bank
  • 1 Blackwater night dive at the 2,000m drop off of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  • 1 x whale whatching
  • 1 x snorkeling with dolphins
  • Collection of waste during all excursions and creation of a waste mountain
  • All lectures and workshops


  • Whales and dolphins of the Azores
  • The last living blue sharks
  • Mating habits and migration of blue sharks
  • Sharkes of the Azores
  • Behaviour of sharks
  • Rules of conduct during contact with sharks and prevention of accidents with sharks
  • Creatures of the deep sea
  • Pollution of the oceans and its influence on animals and humans
  • Surprises of the sea

Rates exclude

  • Accommodation (guest rooms and chalets on request)
  • Flight to/from Pico
  • Transfers
  • Meals


1,599 € per person

Contact and booking

If you wish to book a programme or require more details, please feel free to contact us here. The team of Pico Sport/Scuba Azores will be happy to assist you.