Diving with Sharks

Diving with Sharks in their natural environment is a dream for nearly every diver.

Only recently the Azores have been discovered as one of the best places in the world to dive up close with blue sharks (Prionace glauca) and mako sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus) at sighting distances of 50 meters in warm water without cage. To enable this close contact, we follow the guidelines of safe shark diving which have been developed by the SharkSchool™ of Dr. Erich Ritter and the team of Pico Sport/Scuba Azores. In order to safely dive with sharks a specific knowledge and skills as well as discipline are required.




Why choose Pico Sport/Scuba Azores to dive with sharks?

With us you dive safely! Our guides are specifically trained shark guides and first aider who always take into account the safety of the animals and the divers. Consequently your dive is as safe as possible. Our boats contain full safety equipment. Pico Sport/Scuba Azores has more than 20 years of experience at the Azores. We were the first company to offer commercial shark diving in 2011. Our skippers are one of the most experienced at the Azores and also have more than 20 years of experience in the waters around the Azores.

Sustainable shark diving

For us sustainable diving with sharks is as important as the right method to attract the animals and the security during the dives. In order to experience unique situations in the nature a lot of time and patience are required. At any time we will do our best to give you the opportunity to observe the sharks in their environment as naturally as possible. This means that we do not guarantee the contact with those animals since we search for them in the second biggest ocean in the world and not in an aquarium. In order to attract the sharks we use a method were the sharks aren’t fed. We believe that feeding them results in conditioning. Our briefings contain a lot of information about the protection, the biology and the behaviour of different species of sharks. If you are interested we also offer lectures with more information about sharks and other animals of the Azores. Our understanding of sharks and their behaviour is subjected to a continuous change. Consequently we make a lot of effort to consequently improve our methods and to find new shark spots, so that the next generation will be able to meet sharks in the same way as we do.


Our programmes

  1. Sharkweeks Maxi, Midi and Mini: In our programme Sharkweeks we accept eight divers per group.
  1. Sharkweeeks Pro: We recommend photographers to take part in the programme Sharkweeks Pro where the group consists of maximum four divers.
  1. Sharkschool™ Pico: The programme SharkSchool™ is specialised in the behaviour of sharks with a particular focus on the interaction with the animals.
  1. Underwater Shark Experience: At this day trip you get pretty close to blue and mako sharks.

Statistics of shark sightings

July 100 %, August 100 %, September 100 %

July 55 %, August 95 %, September 60 %


Diving with Sharks Rates Per
1 underwater shark experience (incl. 1 tank) € 175,- Per person/Per day
Mini dive box (6 dives = 2 dives at 3 days)* € 240,- Per person
Sharkweek € 1.349,- Per person
Sharkweeks – single supplement € 149,-
Sharkweeks Midi € 1.249,- Per person
Sharkweeks Midi – single supplement € 100,-
Sharkweeks Mini € 849,- Per person
Sharkweek Mini – single supplement € 149,-
Sharkweeks Pro € 2.499,- Per person
Sharkschool – (apartment) € 1.985,- Per person
Sharkschool – single supplement (apartment) € 200,- Per person
Sharkschool – upgrade to hotelroom, double room, breakfast € 400,- Per person

Please find a summary of all rates for diving programs here.

Contact and Bookings

If you wish to book a programme or require more details, please feel free to contact us here. The team of Pico Sport/Scuba Azores will be happy to assist you.

Photographer credits: Robert M. Lehmann, Nuno Sá.