Dive Cruise (Narobla – ProWin ProNature Explorer)

Dive Cruise with Narobla – ProWin ProNature Explorer

From May 2017, there exists the possibility to visit the most beautiful isles at the central archipelago of the Azores with an exclusive motor yacht. The cruise starts at Angra do Heroísmo with a small group of eight guests. The town Angra do Heroísmo is located at the island of Terceira and is one of the World Cultural Heritages. Stations of the dive and island cruise are the islands of Graciosa, São Jorge, Faial and Pico.

After boarding in Angra de Heroismo we will look for the biggest animal ever lived on our planet. One of the best places i the world to meet them are the waters around Terceira and Graciosa.

After we will navigate along the breathaking coast line of Sao Jorge and the northern coast of Pico.

The Boat

The Princess 60 has its name for a reason. The boats of this series belong to the upmarket categorie of small luxury yachts. There are available three cabins, a huge dining area with tv and stereo, a flying bridge with a seating area and a kitchen. The Princess 60 measures 18.5 meters and offers space for eight guests in three cabins. There is one master cabin with a double bed and private bathroom, one standard twin-cabin and one simple triple-cabin with shared bathroom.


Breakfast is served in the morning. Snacks are available for lunch. During the whole day there are available fruites, water, soft drinks, coffee, tea and pastries. In the evning Narobla – ProWin ProNature Explorer anchors in sheltered harbours and you have dinner on land. This allows you to discover one of the best restaurants of the islands which offer a variety of specialities. At Terceira it is the “Alcatra”, a beef dish which is cooked in the oven for more then six hours. São Jorge offers local cheese and Pico attracts with fresh octupus salad.


Day 1: Embarkation

You meet at the harbour of Angra do Heroísmo where you embark around 2 pm. Afterwards, there is a first briefing onboard. In the evening you leave the boat and have a first dinner in a local fish restaurant in São Mateus. You return to the yacht around midnight.

Day 2: Graciosa

Today you proceed to Graciosa. From time to time, the yacht is accompanied by groups of dolphins while large groups of Cory’s shearwater swim in the water. Often turtels relaxing on the surface of the water can also be spotted. If you are lucky you may also meet an ocean sunfish. The crew is always ready to put the tender in the water, so that you can snorkel with the animals. However, whales can only be observed from the boat, because according to Portugese law it is not allowed to snorkel with huge sea mammals. Once you arrive at Graciosa, you dive at the spots around the island. Early in the evening you reach the harbour of Graciosa where you spend the night. Dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 3: From Graciosa to São Jorge

Early in the morning your first dive takes place at Graciosa. Afterwards you proceed to São Jorge. On the way you dive at the spots at Kap Ponta dos Rosais. Today’s destination is the small town of Velas. Dinner at a local restaurant and afterwards night dive at Velas.

Day 4: From São Jorge to Pico

You leave Velas and drive to Pico. The yacht takes you directly to Pedra do Sousa, the area of the blue sharks at Pico’s coast. Early in the morning Narobla – ProWin ProNature Explorer prepares to bring the wanderer of the oceans to the surface. Two dives are scheduled. In the evening you arrive at Madalena do Pico – it’s wine growing was named World Cultural Heritage. Dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 5: Princess Alice Bank

At night the yacht moves to Princess Alice Bank, the most famous diving site in the Atlantic Ocean. Here you meet mobulas. Three dives are scheduled. You spend the night aboard.

Dinner on board.

Day 6: Princess Alice Bank and blackwater dives

In the morning two dives are planned before Narobla – ProWin ProNature Explorer gathers way to return to Pico. At night two blackwater dives are scheduled at the coast. Afterwards, depending on the weather, the boat returns to the harbour of Madalena or Horta. Dinner on board.

Day 7: Condor Bank

Today you dive with the sharks at Condor Bank. Afterwards the ship departs to the harbour of Madalena, where you have dinner at a great restaurant or a barbecue.

Day 8: Departure

Today it is time to check out. Transfer to Pico airport or start of your extension programme.

Travel dates

23.06.-30.06.2018 sold out
30.06.-07.07.2018 sold out
14.07.-21.07.2018 sold out
21.07.-28.07.2018 sold out
28.07.-04.08.2018 sold out
04.08.-11.08.2018 sold out
11.08.-18.08.2018 sold out
18.08.-25.08.2018 sold out
25.08.-01.09.2018 sold out
01.09.-08.09.2018 sold out
08.09.-15.09.2018 sold out
15.09.-22.09.2018 sold out
22.09.-29.09.2018 sold out

29.06.-06.07.2019 sold out
06.07.-13.07.2019 sold out
13.07.-20.07.2019 sold out
27.07.-03.08.2019 sold out
03.08.-10.08.2019 sold out
10.08.-17.08.2019 sold out
17.07.-24.08.2019 sold out
31.08.-07.09.2019 sold out
07.09.-14.09.2019 sold out
14.09.-21.09.2019 sold out

Rates include

  • 7 overnights in the booked cabin with full pension
  • Tanks and weights
  • Whale watching at the coasts of Terceira and Graciosa
  • Snorkeling with dolphins at the coasts of Terceira and Graciosa
  • Transfers if arrival and departure is at Pico

Rates exclude

  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Transfers if arrival and departure is at Terceira
  • Flights from/to Gracious on Terceira


The itinerary depends on the weather and can be changed without prior notice. For some dates the itinerary is reversed.


Dive Cruise (Narobla 3) Rate Per
Simple triple cabin € 1.890,- Per person
Standard twin cabin € 1.990,- Per person
Master cabin € 2.190,- Per person
Charter € 13.800,- Charter (maximum of seven people)

Contact and Booking

If you wish to book a programme or require more details, please feel free to contact us here. The team of Pico Sport/Scuba Azores will be happy to assist you.

Photography: Gerard Soury