Blackwater Diving Weeks

Meet the creatures of the deep sea at the Azores

A real challenge for underwater photographers!

Dive in the Mid-Atlantic in free water with depth up to 2,000 meters in the middle of the night! There, where the upwelling brings Thaliacea, jellyfish and animals of which you did not even dare to dream. The Blackwater Diving Weeks are the ultimate challenge for photographers because you dive in the black abyss of the night. And you never know what might emerge from the depth of the Mid-Atlantic.

At nightfall, you take a boat and drive to the deep-sea slopes of Pico, where drift ropes are installed at 20-meter depth. Life here is tremendous: Baby calamars, giant calamars, krill, jellyfish, Thaliacea and a lot of different fishes and life-forms wander around in all kind of colours and forms. Bizarre beauties from the deep blue are in search of food, preferably without being someone else’s dinner – a real goody for photographers!

The dive is characterised by the creatures’ bioluminescence. In biological terms, it is described as the ability to produce light, either autonomously or with help of symbionts. However, it is not easy to take pictures of this underwater world. Although the marine phosphorescence is considered as bright for a human’s eye, an enormous luminosity is needed to capture this phenomenon with a camera.

Travel dates


Rates include

  • 14 overnights in a double room at a Guesthouse in Madalena
  • Transfers from/to Pico airport
  • 2 day dives as check-dive at Pico’s coast
  • 2 night dives at Pico’s coast
  • 5 Bluewater day dives to take pictures of Thaliacea and similar creatures
  • 5 Blackwater night dives

Rates exclude

  • Rental of rebreather
  • Nitrox
  • Double tanks
  • Stage tanks


1,690 € per person

Contact and booking

If you wish to book a programme or require more details, please feel free to contact us here. The team of Pico Sport/Scuba Azores will be happy to assist you.

Photography: Gerard Soury