For Divers

  • Diving at the Azores

    Overview: What makes diving at the Azores so special? Who is able to dive at the Azores and what can be seen there?

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  • Diving around Pico Island

    Discover the diversity of diving at the Azores: Wreck diving, cave diving, night diving and many more.

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  • Princess Alice Bank

    Excursion: Dive at one of the ten best dive places in the world. Princess Alice Bank is THE meeting point for Mobulas.

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  • Scuba Azores Sharkweeks

    Diving with Sharks

    Overview: Here you receive a first impression of diving with blue and mako sharks at the Azores. Learn more about safe and sustainable shark diving.

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  • Sharkweeks Maxi

    Tour: 15 days group tour with maximum eight participants, 4 dive days + 4 dives + 1 boat trip for snorkelling with dolphins + 1 boat trip for whale watching.

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  • Sharkweeks Midi

    Tour: Sharkweeks midi introduction: Tour: 10 days tour at individual dates with maximum eight participants per group, 2 dive days + 4 dives + 1 boat trip for whale watching + 1 boat trip for snorkelling with dolphins.

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  • Sharkdiving Scuba Azores

    Sharkweeks Pro

    Tour: 15 days pro tour for photographers and filmmakers. There are a maximum of four divers in the water at the same time. 6 dive days + 4 dives accompanied by a trained shark guide.

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  • Ocean Awareness Project

    Tour: 14 day workshop and spectacular diving opportunities. You learn about the problems of the oceans and dive with blue sharks, mobulas and the deep-sea creatures at night. You observe whales and snorkel with dolphins.

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  • Blackwater Diving Weeks

    Tour: 14 day tour dedicated to meet the creatures of the deep sea at the Azores. Included are 2 day dives and 2 night dives at Pico’s coast, 5 Bluewater day dives and 5 Blackwater night dives.

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  • Dive Cruise (Narobla – ProWin ProNature Explorer)

    Tour: 8 day dive cruise to the top spots in the Atlantic Ocean. Dives around Graciosa, Cabo Ponta Rosais, the shark spot Pedra do Sousa, the famous Princess Alice Bank and Condir Bank are included plus snorkeling with wild dolphins and observe whales.

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  • Dive Cruise (Dreams of the Sea)

    Tour: 8 day liveaboard cruise with a maximum of six divers. Scheduled travel dates are available for diving with sharks. Included are in total 15 dives on land or boat and night and blackwater dives. The yacht can also be chartered for individual tours.

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