Swimming with dolphins is a great experience.

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Swimming with dolphins is a great experience.

While in many places like in egypt the dolphins are under heavy pressure, here, in the open sea of Pico Island the snorkeling with dolphins is sustainable.

Here we do not disturb the animals and they are free to swim whereever they want. Also we have strong regulations about how to operate with whales and dolphins.

Sometimes its just a short visit but often they allow us to dive into the deep blue with them. See this little clip to see how free and happy our dolphins are in the deep blue Ocean of Pico Island. Our new Dolphin packages 2016 are online. We cooperate with Dolpin Aliance and the Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delfine. Therefore we have a special dolphin trip in June 2016 thats guided by the biologistst Angela Ziltener and Sina Kreiker.

Check our web page and reserve your dolphin dream holiday 2016 with us.



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